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Sell us your unused Name brand Ink Cartridges.

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We pay fast by: PayPal, Check or Cash.

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Sell your new ink cartridges for Cash. Click for details



Cash waiting for these and other ink cartridges.

Got a new printer? Sell us your old cartridges!

Currently offering top prices for most new sealed un-expired or recently expired name brand ink & toner cartridges. HP, Canon, etc.


Email us at

- If you accept our offer, print our free mailing label.

-Mail us your cartridges. See: Shipping

-Upon receipt, if your shipment is as described, we pay you by PayPal Check or Cash.

No account to open! No logging in! No Password to remember!

We are currently buying most new, original, sealed, popular, brand name ink cartridges. Including but not limited to: HP 21/22, HP 45/78, HP56/57, HP 60, HP 61, HP74/75, HP 95/98, HP 96/97, HP 564XL, HP 901, HP 920, HP 950XL, HP 932XL, HP 933, HP 94, Canon PGI-5, Canon BCI-6 Canon CLI-8, Canon CL-41, Canon CL-211, Canon PGI-220, Canon CLI-221, Canon PG-210XL, Canon PGI-220, Canon PGI-225, Canon CLI-226, Canon PG-240XL, Epson Claria, Epson DURABrite, Kodak 10c/10b, Brother LC75M/LC75Y, Lexmark 36/37,Lexmark 14/15. If you don’t see your cartridges on the list please email us anyway. We will try to make an offer if we can use it. Our offer will be based on: Current resale values, demand, competing offers and our own inventory.

Don’t let your surplus ink expire.

Sell it to us today.

To sell us your unused, surplus, old stock ink cartridges, simply send us a brief Email with the quantity and UPC number or, Email us a picture from your smart phone.
Click for details.

We pay fast by PayPal, Check or Cash.

Please note we do not buy ink cartridges without a date, barcode or UPC number.

Turn the ink cartridges that you no longer need, or use into Cash.

Print our FREE Pre-paid mailing label.